Wedding showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, divorce parties…people will find any excuse to take a theme, add some alcohol, and run with it, right?

I’m right.

The latest trend of celebrating a man getting snipped and putting a final stamp on the end of his family line proves it. And while I want to be derisive, the truth is that some of these people are just too clever to mock.

Like wife and mother Leah Randall, who went all out with a sperm-decorated cake that read “Snip snip hooray!” and custom made t-shirts for their  kids (Swim Team Survivor) and her newly sterile husband (The swim team may have been cut but the coach will never retire!)

I mean, come on. That took some serious creativity and effort.

She told UNILAD that she “saw the idea a couple of years ago and thought it was fantastic! I wanted to make it a celebration for him since he’s taking one for the team.”

Her husband “got a kick out of it” and other people have, too – the Facebook post has over 42,000 shares and counting.

Leah knocked the theme out of the park, but she’s far from the first, last, or most hilarious person to ever order a vasectomy cake.

Like this person, who liked “snip snip hooray” but went with cupcakes instead.

This color scheme is very nice.

A proper send-off.

I feel like this one is on the edge of “too far.”

Nice cake pops. *wink*

I guess there’s nothing wrong with having a party to mark the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another one.

Especially if it involves alcohol and cake…

Party on!