Honestly, why would you want to pass up any parenting memes, right? They’re hilarious, they’re applicable, and best of all, they remind us that we’re all part of one big tribe.

These 12 memes do all of that and more, and so we couldn’t resist putting them on a list – because it makes us all happier, so what’s wrong with that?

12. Ahhh remember waking up when you felt like it?

Maybe stretching out in the WHOLE BED?

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11. It’s like they don’t know who they’re dealing with.

Where do they think those genetics came from?

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10. You don’t want to go there.

But you’re feeling like they’re going to make you.

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9. This is just so true.

As a mother, I can confirm these are death-defying acts.

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8. She wasn’t joking.

I’m sorry to say he probably didn’t learn his lesson, though.

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7. Both are good moms, though.

In the ways that matter.

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6. It’s always a rager over here.

There are hills of laundry to climb.

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5. It’s a shocking day for all of us.

But we muddle through.

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4. Why do they think it’s a show?

And how do we get used to it so quickly?

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3. That’s if you can stay awake.

Unlikely, for several years.

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2. It’s always a tradeoff.

This happened to me today, actually.

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1. I think I’ve actually said this.

Along with a tantrum about why I bother cooking dinner at all.

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I love my parenting tribe the most of all, I think.

Which one of these memes did you already send to a mom or dad friend?

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