Kids do and say all kinds of creepy crap – they see things we don’t, they talk about people who aren’t there, and they talk about their past lives way too much to not make you think.

Drawing pictures of scary, Paranormal Activity ghosts who may or may not be roaming your house, just out of your line of sight? That’s next level.

This woman asked her 5yo what she was drawing (presumably after having a stiff drink) and getting a look at the creepy-as-f*ck picture.

“A girl that cries.”

Looked over to see what my five year old niece was drawing. I was almost too afraid to ask who it was. "A girl that cries" is all she told me. I didn’t want to know if it was in our house. from CreepyKids

She would have had to be more specific at that point, because I would have also been crying.

And the people who commented on Reddit also have some questions, and advice, and secondhand horror.

Some people were quite alarmed, suggesting that perhaps the child could be returned?

Alas, her warranty was up. Ha!

Image Credit: Reddit

Others enjoyed messing with OP, suggesting that of COURSE the crying girl was in the house – where else would she be??

Image Credit: Reddit

This comment was full of tons of wtaf of its own, if you ask me.

Image Credit: Reddit

And someone else making the helpful suggestion that perhaps the Catholic church should be involved.

Image Credit: Reddit

I don’t know about you, but I have no idea whether I would ask more questions or not.

I mean, my curiosity is up, but there are some things you can’t unsee (like this picture) or unhear (like where she saw this girl).

What would have you done? Tell us in the comments (and just try to get this image out of your head!).