It’s true that you never know what, exactly, is going to come out of your kid’s mouth at any given moment, but honestly, there are some things you wish they would keep to themselves.

Mostly when they curse around your parents, but also when they talk, very confidently, about things only they can see. It’s unnerving, at best, and terrifying in the worst of times.

You’ll have to decide for yourself how you would have reacted to a tiny houseguest saying what this woman’s niece blurted out in casual conversation.

The little girl was calmly watching cartoons (at night) when she stopped, looked out the window, and said “the funny man with the mask” is “trying to get in.”

My niece freaked me out
byu/Vaivacious inCreepyKids

Now, the adult saw no one there, but does that really mean there was no one there?

If it were me, I would have been wondering for hours (maybe days) if I’d just looked up a split second too late…

Some people went with “unsettling…”

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Though if you include the reply, which was how the woman “often” hears what sounds like footsteps outside that very window, it bends a little more toward creepy, for sure.

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Another commenter wondered how OP didn’t piss herself, and I’m wondering about the answer to this myself.

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And yeah, we’re all thinking maybe she doesn’t get to spend the night again until she’s older! Ha!

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What’s your take on comments like this? Is it just imagination? Something more?

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