There are all kinds of parenting memes, and really, I’m on board with almost all of them. They make me want to fish-bump my fellow parents in solidarity, rather than hide my kids away at home so their kids don’t make mine awful, instead.

But I don’t think there could be a better mashup than Disney and parenting, because we’re stuck with both, and while neither is perfect, we’re not giving them back.

14. Just give up the ghost.

How bad can those chemicals really be, anyway?

13. If your kid is a baby, you’re thinking “nope, that will never happen to me!”

I invite you to wait a couple of years and get back to me.

12. Don’t give in.

It’s more work than staying home, I promise.

11. They just trust you with that thing! Like, figure it out!

Later you realize that’s because everyone else is still winging it, too.

10. Invest in some Goo Gone.

And also some Magic Erasers.

9. You knew it would happen, too.

This is not your first day.

8. They’re so dumb.

Bless their hearts.

7. It’s funny, right?

But also, you kind of want to cry?

6. They know what’s coming.

They’d better not touch your chocolate.

5. The blessed feeling of freedom.

Until you start to miss them twenty minutes later.

4. They know just how to hurt you.

The snuggles are the good stuff.

3. Yeah, what’s her story?

A tragedy of a perpetual toddler.

2. Deep breath.

In through the nose, out through the mouth, have a sip of wine.

1. Don’t they know you have nowhere to put that thing?

And your kid will lose interest after a week?

These made my day! I’ve always been a Disney fan, and this just further solidified it!

Which of these have you texted to your best mom or dad friend already? Share in the comments!