I suppose everyone thinks their birth month is the best one, especially if they’re into astrology.

That said, would you believe there might really be a “best” month to be born?

It turns out that, for all you Virgos and Libras out there, science might have some good and interesting news – this National Bureau of Economic Research report found that kids born in the month of September tend to be more successful than their peers.

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The study looked at the grades of students between the ages of 6 and 15, and found that those born in September score higher on average than kids born in other months. When you project those findings into the future, it’s not hard to determine that successful younger students will end up with higher test scores, better grades, and a great rate of college acceptance to stellar schools.

I’m sorry to tell you September babies, though, that it has nothing to do with your personality traits, but simply the fact that you tend to be the older students in your classes.

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Conversely, kids with August birthdays are more likely to lag due to being the youngest in their respective classes (but they make up for it by being Leos).

Five-and-six-year-old kids have a huge range of what’s considered developmentally normal, so those 11 months can account for leaps and bounds of development – or lack thereof – which explains the gaps seen later in their test scores and grades.

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So, if you’ve got a little with a September birthday, sit back and watch them soar – and don’t forget to remind them to thank you for all of that success some day.

I’m sure there will be a really nice holiday present in it for you some day.