Sometimes, life gives you an opportunity that’s disguised as an accident. The question is, will you make the most of it, or will you let it fall by the wayside? Christy Lally found herself with just such an opportunity when a youth soccer coach mistakenly added her number to a group text for parents. She took full advantage, and we should all live up to her example…


All Coach Juan wanted to do was set up a brief after-practice meeting. But Christi threw a wrench into the works. Christi, who is childless, nevertheless talked up her imaginary son as the best player on the team.

Photo Credit: Christi Lally

Side note, but I like how before Christi jumped into the conversation, five parents in a row responded with an “Ok.” Thumbs Up Parent is clearly the wild one of the group.


The parents reacted with a mix of confusion and a little self-deprecating humor. But Christi doubled down, saying that her kid is so talented, he’s doing the other kids a favor just by gracing them with his presence.

Photo Credit: Christi Lally

From the looks of it, Christi also got the parents arguing about about how competitive the team really is. All with just a couple texts!


Christi piled on more and more ridiculous lies, and not only did the parents buy it, some of them got mad.

Photo Credit: Christi Lally

You can talk about other parents’ kids all you want, but you DO NOT insult the snacks.


Christi played innocent, and one parent decided to school her on exactly where she went wrong.

Photo Credit: Christi Lally

I’m picturing Coach Juan seeing all these texts and going, “Please please PLEASE don’t involve me! Nooooooooooo!”


Christi keeps tossing out bait, and one parent just keeps on takin’ it.

Photo Credit: Christi Lally


At this point, the parents are starting to wonder who Christi’s kid is, but somehow not questioning if she’s really a parent.

Photo Credit: Christi Lally

That’s the end of the text chain, but not the end of the story. One parent got so worked up they called Christi’s number and figured out she was an impostor. Christi then texted everyone to fess up and apologize for having some fun, but that wasn’t good enough for one dad, (of course it was a dad), who threatened to “kick her ass.” Definitely sounds like a reasonable man and not someone who deserves to be pranked.

As for Christi, she was unapologetic, telling Scary Mommy “To those upset over this, I wouldn’t even give your snacks to my dog. They suck and you get a participation trophy.”

And honestly, if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to get included on a group text chain, you know how annoying it can be. It is literally impossible to get more than two people to agree on anything, and when you add in the miscommunication that’s inherent to texting, it quickly becomes a quagmire. It’s hard for me NOT to screw with my friends when we group text, and they’re my friends. Christi truly is the hero we need.

h/t: Scary Mommy