Waffles are a breakfast staple – and favorite – at my house, and if there’s one thing all parents know, it’s that kids are going to play with their food regardless of whether or not you give them permission.

So why not have some fun with a waffle maker that makes LEGO bricks you can actually build before they get in your belly?

Photo Credit: Waffle Wow

This building-brick waffle iron is still in the works – you can back their Kickstarter for cool gifts – and from the outside, it looks pretty normal. On the inside, though, there are LEGO-like interlocking patterns that can produce 10 1×2 bricks, 2 1×1 bricks, and 2 1×4 bricks.

Photo Credit: Waffle Wow

You pour in your batter like normal, but when they’re done, you can spend some time constructing whatever strikes your fancy before adding butter and syrup and chowing down.

The product is scheduled to ship to backers in a few months, but you can still preorder.

Photo Credit: Waffle Wow

And get this! One of the rewards are these plates that have complementary nubs to help hold your LEGO waffles in place.

If you’ve got little kids or big LEGO fans of any age in the house, this would make an excellent gift, I think.

Photo Credit: Waffle Wow

Or just a fun addition to Saturday morning breakfast.

What do you think? Is this going to find its way into your kitchen?

I can’t wait to see what people make with them!