Kids are cute, and male models are, you know, nice to look at. Put those two things together and you’ve got a near perfect mix of adorable and hilarious.

How do I know? Because one mother, whose brother is a professional model, has the spare time to mock him by dressing up her toddler to mimic his poses and pictures.

Bless her.

The little boy is Augie, and his mom has been trolling her brother for around three years now. Even though Augie is older now, he’s just as cute – and the imitation pictures are even more spot-on and hilarious.

His mom spoke with Bored Panda about how the joke has continued.

“As he’s gotten older, he’s more involved in what pictures are chosen. I show him a few I know we can recreate and he picks which one he wants to do. He gets a kick out of seeing old ones, and giggles when we scroll through them.”

And now we can all join them, because below are 15 of my favorites.

15. Total sweetness.

Who could resist a boy with a rose.

14. Kid is working the hair.

And so is the uncle, I guess.

13. He’s working on that smolder.

His watch is so fancy, too.

12. I am here for all of the dogs.

That black puppers is huuuuggge though!

11. Reverse copy!

The uncle has a sense of humor, too, which makes it all better.

10. I love how they’re both grinning.

You can see the resemblance.

9. OK I don’t know, this one might be my favorite.

I think it’s the shades that are doing it for me.

8. Brothers and their sisters.

My heart.

7. I honestly don’t know who wore it better.

His little undies peeking out are killing me.

6. Look at that little baller.

He’s got the swagger down and everything.

5. You can tell Augie is getting into it.

Four is such a fun age.

4. The dog shots are my favorite.

They’re such big ol’ doofuses!

3. This one is perfection.

I want that Pink Floyd t-shirt.

2. His little belly! The backpack!

This is actual perfection.

1. Happy Halloween!

These little pumpkins make the season.

I hope they keep doing this for a long, long time, because this is the content the world needs more of, if you ask me.

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