If You’re Married, You’ll Relate To These Tweets Big Time

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Ah, marriage. It’s great, it’s hard, it’s rewarding, it’s exhausting…to be honest, at this point in my life I’ve decided you have to be a little bit crazy to stick it out through all of the muck (especially during the years when your kids are little). Maybe more than a little bit, even.

The key to anything that sometimes makes you want to throw chemical-filled Kraft macaroni & cheese at another human being you promised to love forever: laughter. If you can’t stop and recognize the absurdity of life, and of trying to live companionably with another person, well…you’re going to cross from “a little bit nuts” into “full-on insane.”

And nobody wants that.

20. These first two are related and filed under, “when only one person puts crap away”

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19. …

18. And then they try to help, but it’s not helpful, so one or both of you just end up screaming ‘DO IT YOURSELF/I’LL JUST DO IT.’ Which was probably the plan.

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17. An “I feel like you should know this by now” moment

16. Part of the deal is learning when to keep your mouth shut. The other part is actually doing it.

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15. My husband has also learned these timeless pearls of wisdom

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14. A+++ imagery

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13. There is a time and a place to be thoughtful. But not when it comes to ice cream.

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12. Aww, I hope to make it that long. We’re still on “the baby’s asleep, if you don’t stop walking so loud I will kill you” years.

11. Taking pleasure in your partner’s dorky pain is part of what makes us human

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10. You never knew your emotions could swing that fast…

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9. I don’t see the problem, either

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8. Most relatable tweet ever

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7. True love doesn’t judge

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6. It’s definitely a trick question

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5. When one tweet describes your every morning

4. Sometimes we know what not to say, but we say it anyway

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3. I feel like they have the objectively easier gig

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2. It’s important to pass down truths to the next generation

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1. And always remember to keep things interesting…

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I hope that at least a few of these tweets made you laugh today. After all, a good giggle is the best way to keep from crying. And also committing a felony that you’ll (possibly) regret.

Happy Relationship-ing!

h/t: Scary Mommy