I bet, in fact, that their wives are perpetually annoyed at how much time they spend on social media, so let’s really appreciate the sacrifice they’re masking in order to bring us these laughs on a regular basis, yeah?

We can thank them by taking the time to read through these 11 tweets and really give them the attention they deserve.

10. Never get into semantics with your parents.

And also, never ever get into a land war in Asia.

9. She’s not totally convinced.

I wonder what it will take.

8. Always ask questions.

That’s like the first rule of parenting, right?

7. It takes even longer to make it make sense.

Like, forever and ever and ever.

6. Bless his heart.

Chocolate milk is a pretty good fix, though. I love it!

5. They will not have it.

But that feeling when you succeed, though… ahhhhh.

4. Amen, sir.

One more time for the people in the back! No, louder!

3. That’s a Dad Joke if I’ve ever seen one.

Well done, Sir.

Image Credit: Imgur

2. I feel like this is only a partial list.

Or things are super crazy at my house.

1. Not if you do it right.

He will hear your voice foreverrrrrr.

Guys can be so funny sometimes. Just like ladies! It’s like we’re equal or something.

Hmmmm, no, they couldn’t be it. Women are funnier.

Which one of these really got you? Have fun guffawing at a few of them?

Tell us about it in the comments. We love to read what made you laugh.