No one – not even your fancy friend with the perfect Instagram feed – has perfect children. Children are human, which means they make mistakes, and that’s totally fine and normal.

If you ask me, the best way to deal with your kid being normal (and getting called out on it) is to get a good laugh about it with your other parent friends – which is, I guarantee, how these 10 parents handled these notes sent home by the teacher.

10. She sent the hair for proof.

You know there’s a reason for that. #experience

9. He’s listening when you teach him about animals.

If you want a positive spin on it.

8. It’s funny, though, right?

But yeah, definitely not appropriate.

Image Credit: Someecards

7. Was she really fast? Or was no one watching her for quite a while.

Mom questions, because my toddler can barely take off his clothes in a half an hour.

6. To be fair, butts are hilarious.

And definitely more interesting than math.

5. Sounds like it’s time to talk about consent.

Not in a sexual manner, of course.

4. Just so you know.

Hope you check pockets before laundry otherwise RIP worm.

3. I have some bad news for Josiah about the rest of his life.

Starting his disillusionment awfully young.

2. I assume the friend’s parents also got a note.

That could cause some intestinal distress.

1. Rhyming words are hard!

Give the girl some credit.

I am just dying and wondering what sort of hilarity my kids will cause once they get into school.

Have you ever gotten a funny note from school? Please share it with us in the comments!