The adage “there’s no use crying over spilled milk” does not apply to breast milk, people. It takes time and energy and lost sleep to get that stuff in a bag and in the freezer. My man fell asleep and forgot to put an entire 5 oz bottle in the fridge one night and I had a complete meltdown the next morning.

And I didn’t even feel bad about it for a minute.

These 10 people are having similar experiences, and if you’ve ever pumped while nursing, you know their reactions are 100% warranted.

10. Because literally no one loves pumping.

9. That is so much milk. I would be in full-on mourning.

8. When you can only be mad at yourself.

7. It’s always okay.

6. The lack of sleep definitely doesn’t help.

5. Precious. Sob.

4. Do not pass Go, it’s straight to the dog house.

3. That’s not the way to start the week.

2. A total disaster.

1. Time, blood, sweat, and tears.

Liquid gold, my friends. You know it.