One of the hardest tightropes to walk as a parent is between wanting to give your kids everything you never had (or everything you did have, I suppose) and teaching them to be grateful for all of it.

Entitlement is a natural mode of children, I think, because they’re so inherently selfish – but that said, these 10 kids definitely take it to a whole new level.

10. No reason to tell this kid to be respectful.

They’re not capable.

A child in my daughters school (they are both 14)
byu/RiseBlackKnight inentitledkids

9. Y’all, what is happening here?

Why are there more than two?

Sounds like someone needs to either stop playing, or get anger management…
byu/Paradigmfusion inentitledkids

8. This is so incredibly petty.

And I am 100% here for it.

Saw this on Facebook today, made me giggle a bit.
byu/queenboogie67 inentitledkids

7. Did they think they were going to get YouTube famous?

They did, but not for the reasons they wanted.

Kids smash glass artwork whole parents stand back and film. Link to article in comments
byu/colerarso inentitledkids

6. How did she think she would get away with this?

I guess she didn’t think that far ahead.

The face makes me want to flush her down the toilet for good
byu/alittlebitiffy inentitledkids

5. I would have been mortified.

I hope that the store was compensated.

(Crosspost) – We told someone that we couldn’t sell the fish and their kid threw a tantrum and threw a decoration through the tank
byu/msotelo24 inentitledkids

4. It just keeps going and going.

But seriously where are this kid’s parents??

This happened a while ago, still not really sure if this person was messing with me or not; I’ll post a link to the tweet that was mentioned so you have some more context
byu/_purplesaturn_ inentitledkids

3. If you have to buy it, you buy it.

But you definitely don’t give it to your kid.

I have no words
byu/TanmayM21 inentitledkids

2. Who does he think is going to pick it up?

Obviously someone does pick it up for him at home.

Trash dumping, seat kicking gremlin
byu/emkayy23 inentitledkids

1. What do you mean, “not acceptable?”

He doesn’t NEED any headphones at all.

I found this while looking at reviews for an okay gaming headset
byu/glockitsthecops inentitledkids

Y’all, as bad as some of these kids are, it’s their parents I kind of want to smack.

If these were your friends’ kids, or your nieces and nephews, would you say something? What is it? Let it all out in the comments!