Like everyone else in the world, parents have good days and bad days. And like dogs, your kids can absolutely sense when you’re having one of those days when one small push will send you right over the edge.

These 10 kids are absolutely taking advantage of these opportunities to drive their parents absolutely mad.

10. We all know you’re full of baloney.

Or you’re some kind of witch, in which case, I’m interested again.

9. This is absolutely true.

Having two kids was super hard for the first year but since then it’s kind of been much easier.

8. No one wants to make that Sophie’s choice.

If you’re a kid, you don’t have to.

7. Some things just come naturally, I think.

Farts are objectively funny. I said what I said.

6. Kids are pretty harsh critics.

They’re honest, though, so take the feedback to heart.

5. Telling someone to calm down gives me an eye twitch.

That and “stop crying” are two of the most unhelpful phrases in the human language.

4. They model what they see, you know.

Good, bad, or effective, apparently.

3. It’s going to be a real trial.

One among many, to be sure.

2. Let’s all band together and just start eating the pizza.

You know you don’t like any of your kid’s friends parents anyway.

1. Let me just stop you right there.

Or I could just pretend to listen.

I kind of love all of these, but you know. I don’t live with these kids.

What’s the funniest/most terrible thing your kid has said or done when you just didn’t have the patience? Share in the comments!