Kids are a lot, y’all, and that’s on the days when they’re being reasonably good.

On the days when they decide to just let it all loose and push as many buttons as they can? You just hold on and hope the neighbors are used to hearing you scream.

And these 12 kids are giving their parents a run for their money.

12. Ooooh and it’s black, too.

That is a very bad moment.

11. When you just stand there and stare because you’re so shocked.

Where do you even start?

10. At least she’ll smell good.

She’s committing to a scent early I feel it.

9. OMG I definitely need a followup to this.

Seriously, what’s living in there?

8. Such a wonderful life we’ve all chosen, right?

It really is, but some mornings are like this.

7. Bahahaha your wife is hilarious.

What even are kids thinking?

6. No one inspects food like a picky 3yo.

I don’t know how mine manages to grow.

5. They really think we can’t smell it?

It’s hilarious how long it takes them to realize things stink.

4. No one is judging her coping mechanisms.

This is just a hilarious conversation to imagine.

3. I beg to differ on the hero comment.

This is a bold move and it paid off kudos.

2. This is one thing that drives. me. batty.

When you kind of want just a little coffee to get on them so they learn?

1. Take your time, because there’s no right answer.

Only wrong ones.

I’m dying, y’all. I live for these stories about other people’s kids so I know I’m not alone.

What’s your favorite story about your kids driving you nuts (but in a funny way)? Share it with us in the comments!