I’m all for privacy and consent and all of that, but listen. Your kids’ whole lives will be lived, to some extent, through the internet…and do you think their friends will hesitate to shame them when they make a bonehead move?

Not likely. So by starting them young, you’re just preparing them for the world that is to come. And these 10 parents are definitely justified in their decisions to share.

10. Oh, you sweet summer child.

So, so dumb you almost want to give him a break.

You telling me there’s someone else in this house that draws like a 4 year old?
by inKidsAreFuckingStupid

9. It’s always something to do with the sleeves.

Thank goodness for summer.

8. There is definitely peepee somewhere.

My whole house smells like peepee and the carpet cleaner won’t call me back.

7. This is more than a little bit impressive.

He shall never ever live this down.

6. Hahahaha time to do some of those DNA tests.

Unless you don’t actually want to know, because…

5. The nice thing is, it’s not hard to outsmart the little boogers.

Most of the time, anyway. We are awfully tired.


4. It…could be worse?

I’m not sure how, but it definitely could. I’m sure of it.

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3. There definitely is a bright side.

And no, it doesn’t last forever. Mostly.

2. Wow, she’s awfully hard on her friends.

Maybe work on being nicer to everyone…including herself? Ha!

Honestly…. I can relate
byu/kevinowdziej inKidsAreFuckingStupid

1. First of all, what even.

Second, who buys a kid $400 glasses?!??!?

I’m dying, guys, and I can’t wait for my kids to get a bit older. It’s going to be hliarious!

What’s the dumbest thing your kid has ever said or done? Make me laugh some more in the comments!