Memes make the internet world go around, and if you’re a parent, there’s a good chance a fellow mom or dad sends you at least one good one over the course of the day.

If not, get yourself some new mom or dad friends, people!

And when you do, share these 10 hilarious memes about the day-to-day life of raising little humans.

10. Definitely putting this one in my back pocket.

I don’t really think it will work, though.

9. It’s a sad state of affairs.

It’s what we’ve got, though, so we take it.

8. Passing the torch.

It’s what parenting is all about.

7. Your kids should be a little afraid of you.

This probably does the trick.

6. I was never really that cute to begin with, but yeah.

We don’t actually have time to care what we look like, though.

5. We’re not all as gracious as Mufasa.

We don’t have actual kingdoms to run.

4. They beg to differ.

And they’re mostly right.

3. As soon as they go to sleep you miss them so much.

Parenthood is truly weird.

2. It’s like a knife to the heart.

They will murder your soul, if nothing else.

1. Mostly the night off part.

I’ll take any of it, though.

These definitely are way too true! Because if you’re a parent, you know how kids can change your life forever… but for the better? Yeah, for the better. Sure.

Which one are you going to share first? Which are you going to share second? Fifth?

Tell us in the comments!