You’d think it would be a simple thing, being smarter than your kids, but sometimes it’s harder than you think. The world is changing so fast, all the time. Your kids don’t have anything to do other than try to get away with sh%t, and you have to like, buy groceries and mop the floors and watch Netflix, too.

That’s why these 13 moms deserve gold stars for not only outsmarting their kids, but for doing it with panache.

13. I can feel the rage that fueled this photo.

Teenagers. Ugh.

12. It doesn’t mean they’re going to eat it.

But I’m sure she got a good laugh.

11. Those boxes no one throws out could come in handy.

That’s a good looking frozen pizza.

10. Would they just…drink it otherwise?

I honestly need to know why this was necessary.

9. If only it wasn’t see through.

They probably still won’t find it.

8. If they see them, the ruse is up.

Poop doesn’t scare little kids.

7. Just preparing him for college life.

Sort of, anyway.

6. Straight brilliance.

Whatever it takes to get your kids to eat.

5. It’s a mystery!

Every parent has done this at one time or another.

4. How do I get them to leave my water bottle alone, though?

Also…what does she do with her dishes?

3. Oooh stealing this one.

So many extra bags lying around.

2. Those are the best days.

I want to slow-clap for this lady.

1. It was probably hot!

Or there were mosquitoes. Come on.

I hope I can be as cool as these moms one day. Goals.

What’s the best thing you’ve caught your kid doing? Share the details with us in the comments!