Some people might be operating under the misconception that practical jokes are the purview of men, and husbands, but these 12 wives have something to say about that.

Check out the totally epic pranks they pulled off, and see if it doesn’t change your mind.

And ladies, PLEASE get some ideas here and carry out your own jokes!

12. I love that he actually thought she peed.

That littlest one is so worried, though.

11. The best part is he may never find it.

He almost woke up, too.


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10. I am doing this tomorrow.

It’s going to be epic.

9. I’m not sure this is really funny.

She definitely got him, though.


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8. Everyone saw that coming except him.

I laughed out loud.


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7. Welp, I would be dead.

That is not okay.

I asked the kind lady at the pet shop for a shed tarantula skin, to put amongst the bananas to scare my husband!
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6. So beautiful.

Kind of makes you want to weep, right?

5. Whoops! It was a total accident, babe!

He knows it’s a lie, but can he PROVE it? Try it buddy!

4. What…what is in those?

Is it glowing? Are they nuts? What the what the what?!?!

3. How cute are these two?

Except for the having to drink Smirnoff Ice. That stuff is gross AF!


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2. That’s attempted murder, gurl!

Or something! Not the coffee!

1. That is not right at all!

And it’s definitely not going to smell good. Yuck!


One day I will come up with something this amazing! One day… but not soon. Because these are pretty tough to top.

Have you ever pulled an amazing prank on your spouse? Share the story with us in the comments!