One of the reasons there are so many parents on the internet is because we all need support. We want to know that we’re not alone, that our experiences aren’t unique, and that we will survive whatever madness life (and our kids) have thrown at us that day.

We also need and want to laugh about this crazy rollercoaster we’re all on, and these 10 memes are ready and willing to deliver.

10. I feel so seen by this post.

I can’t even buy Lucky Charms for this very reason.

9. There’s no way to just say no, either.

It’s a whole Stockholm thing, I think.

8. There are so many people to thank.

But, like me, none of them give a sh*t.

7. This is so accurate it actually hurts.

Somehow we always make it to bedtime, though.

6. Something happens between your mouth and their ears.

And it’s nothing good, I’ll tell you that much.

5. I’m going to try to talk my kid into this.

It will probably only last about 5 minutes, but still.

4. This is about as perfect a meme as I’ve ever seen.

But everything about Schitt’s Creek is perfect, obviously.

3. I mean, it’s an honest mistake.

Also…how much was he offering?

2. I think we already knew this, right?

Still, it’s refreshing, just a little bit. Because even I think Maui is cool.

1. I’ve never thought about this before, but yeah.

They know you love them now, and they take no prisoners.

I’m feeling more like part of the tribe than ever!

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