Memes exist for pretty much every person in the universe, and all parents have some kind of shared experience they can laugh about (after awhile).

If someone calls you mom or dad, there’s a good chance these 11 memes are going to tickle your funny bone in just the right way!

11. They’re boys, aren’t they.

I know they are. You don’t have to confirm.

10. Four years in and I can confirm.

I hear that one day this will change. I’m not holding my breath.

9. You should know this is a trick question.

Whatever you think they ordered, you’re wrong.

8. They always remember the most random crap.

Usually right before bedtime but also when you’re in public.

7. Hahahaha it me.

Someday soon they will be too old to call me on this. Until then…

6. If you’re lucky.

Fingers crossed at least one of mine goes to law school.

5. Wow this is a great idea.

So I guess now I should thank this lady.

4. This is definitely a side effect I didn’t see coming.

Why are they eating so much more than usual?!

3. It’s even worse when you literally could not care less.

Why do they like their lives are so interesting?!

2. Only every night.

They’re so sweet once they’re asleep, too.

1. Because obviously you gave your kid all the best candy.

Why do we do that?!

As a mom, I totally endorse these funny memes!

Which one got you the most? Tell us in the comments, fam! It’s time to spill those secrets!!!