We can all feel a little jaded from time to time, right? Some of us are more inclined toward that type of viewpoint than others, but no matter how optimistic a soul you are, there are days when you just need a reminder that there are good things in the world.

These 10 memes will go a long way toward that end, because even the Grinch would have to admit his shriveled little heart was expanding after reading through them.

10. Honestly, this probably works for him.

Cheese is the way to many a woman’s heart.

Image Credit: Someecards

9. Stylish and smart.

I mean, what a force to be reckoned with.

Image Credit: Someecards

8. Attention from Mom is the best.

From the time you’re born until forever.

Image Credit: Someecards

7. Like the universe is playing with your hair.

Pure, relaxing bliss.

Image Credit: Someecards

6. I could not love this more.

Way to go, good sir.

Image Credit: Someecards

5. Dads of daughters are my favorite.

They are just piles of goo.

Image Credit: Someecards

4. That is an adorable dog.

And the vest really takes it to the next level, right?

Image Credit: Someecards

3. Take care of yourselves, friends.

No excuses today, ok?

Image Credit: Someecards

2. No one believes in themselves like a raccoon.

Be a raccoon, y’all. Take what you want and growl at anyone who tries to stop you. (Avoid distemper, though).

Image Credit: Someecards

1. This cannot be real.

That’s a stuffed animal. It’s the only explanation.

Image Credit: Someecards

Y’all. Some of these have me all up in my feelings!

Which one had your day looking up? Tell us in the comments!