Parenting is one of those things that, more and more, we’re expected to do on our own – even though back in the day, parenting was definitely a group project and literally everyone was better for it.

These 10 posts will likely make you feel less alone in your struggles – and hopefully make you feel like laughing at them, too.

Fingers crossed!

10. She followed directions.

And also she’s winning at life.

9. It’s a mask, it covers her face.

Done and done.

8. Or you know where you’re going.

They put it on the sign so they must be serious.

7. This is the kind of humor I like to see.

Creative and everything.

6. Y’all that is terrifying.

Get the sage.

5. This is too real.

And I bet we have to do it all again soon.

4. Amazing is one word for it.

That kid is obviously going places.

3. This one is an artist.

It’s in her little heart.

2. Boy was tired.

I’ve taken naps like this too, though sans costume.

1. Before and after coffee.

Or drop-off mom vs. pick-up mom.

There you have it, folks! Whatever your kid is saying and doing, you’re not alone.

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