Growing up in the 80s and 90s was a different time, and in most ways, we mean that as in “it was also better.” Technology played less of a role in our lives, we had more freedom to roam, and despite both, most of us turned out halfway decent.

If you grew up a late GenX or Millennial kid, these 10 throwback posts are gonna hit you straight in the nostalgia!

9. I can 100% smell this.

I bet you can, too.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

8. Maybe we’re not quite that old.

But it’s coming. With very fresh breath.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. If you were lucky.

And went to Burger King at the right time.

Image Credit: Facebook

6. It was like a land of magic.

A place of true wonder (and many smells).

The ball room in elementary school PE
by innostalgia

5.  I would use these in my house now.

Just keeping it 100.

Only the most exquisite for company.
byu/cucumbeeer inmemes

4. Would you say yes?

Tell the truth, now.

Image Credit: Twitter

3. It was like a little time capsule.

It was awesome if it was previously owned by one of the cool kids.

Image Credit: Reddit

2. Why were these the coolest things ever?

I totally want one rtfn.

Image Credit: Twitter

1. Who eats white gummies?

What was wrong with us?

Image Credit: Facebook

Ahhhhh, I’m loving these! I’m going to have to follow one of these Reddit pages or something.

Tell us in the comments where you go for your nostalgia fix! We need to know!