When you live with another person for long enough, it’s tough to keep secrets. That’s not to say it’s impossible, or that people don’t try and succeed, but for the most part, you’ll never know anyone as well as you know your immediate family.

These 10 parents have found out some things about their kids that are kind of juicy, but they’re determined not to tell – and whether they’re waiting for the right moment, waiting for their child to open up on their own, or just…waiting, they’ve got some pretty juicy gossip bottled up.

10. The dog knows that you know that she knows.

My 12 year old American Eskimo steals shoes, specifically my shoes, not to chew but to lay with while I’m away at work.

She pretends to have no idea what they are or why they’re in the bed where she lays when I get home.

9. To him you are.

My son is 2 y and 8 m ,he thinks im the best dad in the world…actually im not

8. The bedtime pony.

Not my child, but my nephew. He is 5 years old now and ever since he could talk, he’s had an obsession with my little pony and unicorns and anything pink. Definitely sure he will turn out gay in later life. I know he sleeps with a pink pony at night for comfort.

If he comes out gay in years to come, i will never let him know i have known about the bedtime pony and suspected such a thing for such a long time.

Can’t wait for him to grow up. Love you little’un

7. I love these matter-of-fact confessions.

He’s bi. He’ll tell me if and when he wants.

6. This all seems pretty normal.

My son got a laptop funded through a school assistance program & thought that was that. What he didn’t/doesn’t know is that it had a parent program built in that logged all his correspondence on everything from email to Skype.

We knew all sorts of things but what stands out was about his blossoming relationship with his long term girlfriend and how even though she was keen enough to have s*x, he was happy to take it slow & apparently just REALLY wanted a blow job…

Luckily aside from this he was actually a pretty good kid so we didn’t check on him TOO often, lol!

5. Of course he does.

I know my son uses the data plan on his phone to get around the porn filters on the router.

4. What excellent parents.

Taking this in a different direction here and I’m sure it will get buried. I am the child in this case but my parents never told me I had severe dyslexia until I was off to college. It honestly helped me overcome it and not lean on having a disability as an excuse.

They were apparently told I would never be able to read but I am now getting my masters degree. It was a strange approach but I love them for never giving up on me and never letting anyone tell them I wasn’t good enough.

3. It’s all magic.

I have two sons, ages 2 and 7. The two year old doesn’t have anything to hide, but the 7 year old earns internet time. What he doesn’t know is that I use a screen monitoring software on his tablet, and I watch everything he accesses.

He doesn’t try to go to traditional adult websites, but I have caught him trying to watch violent shows/videos on youtube.

It is all magic to him at this point, but when I take remote control of his device and direct him back to where he is supposed to be, he always comes running to me saying his tablet is broke. hahahaha.

2. Not the Reddit name!

Not a parent but I’m pretty sure my mom knows what my white socks are used for. And I would be surprised if she didn’t figure out I was bis*xual, I wear leggings around the house and I’ve said I’m okay with either gender.

I’m okay with her knowing that stuff, but if she finds my Reddit and Discord accounts, oh no

1. So they knew but they…let it happen?

Not a parent, but I’m pretty sure my parents have heard me participate in phone s*x with my ex bf throughout my freshman year of high school.

And I’m definitely sure that my parents know about the night I lost my virginity. I, being a bis*xual female, invited my girlfriend at the time to sleepover. And while telling my mom about it she was like “that’s like having a boy sleepover!” And no one ever came to bother us.

I cannot even imagine the things I probably thought I was hiding from my parents that I 100% was not. Ha!

If you’re a parent and have something to add to this list, we’re dying to hear about it down in the comments!