Most of us can’t imaging what it’s like to raise two little people at the exact same time – twins are a whole new world, and unless you’ve been there firsthand, there’s no way to really wrap your mind around it.

That said, these 10 parents of twins are trying to let us in on all of the secrets with these super funny tweets about living life in double.

10. Just a little creepy is ok.

Like, a fun level of creepy.

9. Why is there not a built-in workaround for that?

Like? Twins are not that rare?

8. This is their mantra.

Best to just go along with it.

7. Better both than neither.

In this situation, at least.

6. I doubt she was thrilled.

I’m just saying.

5. They just look alike.

The rest is a crapshoot.

4. A very helpful graph.

That seems about right, except most parents are at least a little bit insane.

3. Fun fact: boy/girl twins are never identical.

I feel like everyone should know that by now.

2. Eh, it’s one of you.

Couldn’t one of them have had a birthmark or something?

1. That clears it up.

It probably doesn’t really matter, though. Right?

I don’t know if I could do it, y’all. Hat’s off to those folks who have to deal with two demons…. um, bundles of joy, at the same time.


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Seriously… what would you do if you had that many kids at the same time?

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