Having kids is a blessing, for sure, but I can tell you from experience that bringing home one newborn baby is quite enough of a life change. I can’t imagine bringing home two at the same time, to be honest, but people do it every day!

If you’ve been there, or are going to be there, or are just curious what it’s like, these 11 posts will give you a little peek behind the curtain.

11. They turn out how they want.

Like all kids, actually.

10. Use your eyes, people!

Stop asking me these questions!

9. So fun, right?

This is one of the best parts of all parenting.

8. It was like a secret little game they played.

And it didn’t hurt anyone so that’s fun enough.

7. Who put Woody on the front of boy’s pull-ups?

I have some words for them. After I stop laughing.

6. He knew what happened next.

And he was not there for it.

5. That’s a lot of cake.

Hope they like something delicious.

4. You’d better eat the one piece of candy.

It’s the only answer.

3. Just keep working on it.

You’ll get there eventually.

2. I think I’ve seen that episode.

In every detective show ever.


1. Why do we need so much stuff?

And rest assured, whatever they want we will have left at home.

These are hilarious, and my hat is so off to these folks.

Do you have twins? Do you know what twins are? Do you have two of the same thing?

Tell us a great story down in the comments!