I’m not sure if everyone who has kids is funny to start with, but something about the sleep-deprivation and confronting your own mortality in the form of a small human being.

Kids are hilarious, and so maybe it’s not that hard to share their jokes online – but either way, we think these 10 tweets from parents will make you laugh.

10. I have a few questions.

I suppose he does, too.

9. He was helpful, then.

Imagine that.

8. Eggs are delicious.

There’s no way around it.

7. It’s ok to laugh.

We’ve all felt the same way, but we’re still there.

6. Why is this my life?

Is it really the same for everyone??

5. Wise beyond his years.

Definitely a cause for a grounding.


4. He knows what he’s saying.

There’s trouble brewing for sure.

3. Why wasn’t it already called that?

I demand answers!

2. You really should.

What sort of monster does that?!

1. Oohh that was a bad moment in this house.

How DARE, child?

There you have it – I hope you thought these were as funny as I do!

What’s your favorite funny story to share about your kid? Tell it to us in the comments!