It’s a sad day when you realize you are never again going to win every single argument with your kids. They understand logic, they 100% know how to turn your own words and actions against you, and they will never be afraid to challenge you on pretty much anything.

You had a good run while it lasted, though.

So, let’s raise a glass to these 10 parents, who just realized they are no longer smarter than their kids (at least not about everything).

10. They’ve already taken everything else.

Might as well hand over the candy, too.

9. Free the feet!

I could get behind this, at least in the summer.

8. Why are toddlers?

They are so sweet and so hell-on-wheels at the same time.

7. Competition is how you motivate this family.

She knows how to play the game.

6. She’s prepared him for life.

Time to sink or swim, kid.

5. I don’t think you’d want to see that movie.

It’s a tragedy, for sure.

4. You have to be more specific with your instructions.

That’s in the manual.

3. If only they feared us the way they did a T-rex.

Maybe we need to eat one of them.

2. The poor dog.

I think the kid meant for it to go the opposite way.

1. It can definitely be both.

I’m just saying.

I am sort of looking forward to this day as a parent and sort of not.

If it has passed for you, tell us the story of how your kid’s brains got the better of you the first time!