It takes quite a bit of good humor to be crowned one of the funniest parents on the internet on any given week, because I’ve gotta say, there are a lot of funny parents out there. That’s why I think people kind of pass the title of “funniest” around by the week, don’t you?

If that’s true, these 13 parents are definitely the winners this week, because these tweets made me laugh out loud!

13. We’re not allowed to go to the store.

Seems like the perfect excuse to me.

12. It’s almost like they’ve been planning this the entire time.

The torture never ends, my friends.

11. That only works if you lick them.

Ask any dad anywhere.

10. You can’t have it all.

Or any of it, on some days.

9. Nothing is as mean as that.

Or as scary, either.

8. Tensions are running high everywhere.

You’d better just follow instructions.

7. Because they know you won’t do anything about it.

Go ahead. Prove them wrong.

6. The robots can read our minds.

I think they’ve been talking to Alexa.

5. Think of it as the extra workout you didn’t want.

But that you probably needed.

4. This is a parenting protip if I’ve ever seen one.

Definitely trying this like, right now.

3. I dream of this day.

The one where it doesn’t take me longer to get kids out into the snow than they actually spend in the snow.

2. Someone who was tired of gray.

Surely there are more colors not associated with private parts?

1. Hey, we’re all entertaining ourselves how we can these days.

I bet the kid didn’t think it was funny, which makes it even funnier.

One day maybe I’ll be funny enough to make a list like this (that someone else writes).

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