It might seem like parenting tweets are a dime a dozen, but listen – it’s actually just that there are a lot of really funny parents out there who enjoy tweeting their observations!

We don’t want you to miss a single one of the good ones, so please, check out these 14 tweets we think will tickle your funny bone.

14. Why do they sell those things?

Who needs that in their life?

13. He should know better than to try that.

Kids don’t care about sleep, silly!

12. They are truly masterminds.

Mine tells us he pooped but “already flushed” to try to get ice cream.

11. That is a good one.

Priceless really.

10. They know when you’re not looking.

Trust me on this one.

9. You take the wins where you can get them.

Seriously, some days they are few and far between.

8. It’s important to have a family safety plan.

Might as well prep for zombies as well.

7. More than a little.

I hope you’re not a superstitious person.

6. Germ-wise, they’re not wrong.

My kids love flushing, though.

5. Bless his heart.

Chocolate milk will probably help.

4. Of course it was “huge.”


3. Just let me know if someone is bleeding.

More than a Band-Aid can handle.

2. Max of twice a day.

Not upwards of thirty.

1. Pullovers or bust.

Snaps are the devil.

We got you on at least a few of these, right? Because what’s better than reading some tweets and laughing out loud?

Now we want to hear from you! What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!