If you ask me, the best thing about the parenting funnies online is that they never stop coming.

They never stop reminding us we’re not alone, that there are plenty of reasons to laugh about our current situations, that our kids are precious, and that yeah, one day we’re going to miss all of this.

Here are 12 recent tweets that we think are getting it done!

12. All day every day.

They don’t understand their lives are hanging in the balance.

Image Credit: Twitter

11. One of many reasons.

Ah, showering alone. One day it will not be a pipe dream.

Image Credit: Twitter

10. Can we all vote to make this a thing?

I think it would pass with no trouble!

Image Credit: Twitter

9. Those car seats are expensive!

So are the kids, though.

Image Credit: Twitter

8. Don’t steal her ideas!

That’s not fair.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. Kid is living his best life.

I want to be a kid again.

Image Credit: Twitter

6. They get so chatty in public bathrooms.

Don’t worry, anyone with kids understands.

Image Credit: Twitter

5. It’s hard to tell which end is up.

And honestly, it doesn’t really matter.

Image Credit: Twitter

4. Win some, lose some kid.

Welcome to the real world.

Image Credit: Twitter

3. That definitely made Dad sad.

Or maybe happy. I don’t know.

Image Credit: Twitter 

2. They’re an enigma.

You can never really relax.

Image Credit: Twitter

1. No way that was an accident.

Smart dad.

Image Credit: Twitter

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go hug my kiddos now!

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