Some days, we feel like we’re on top of the world. We can do anything, accomplish every task on our todo lists, and basically feel like supermom (or dad).

There are other days, though, where it seems like the simplest of tasks – dressing the kids, flipping a load of laundry, baking some cookies – feels monumentally impossible.

It might be the weather, it might be our own sagging mental health, something might have happened at work or our kids are being jerks, but whatever the reason, these 10 parents are definitely in the thick of it.

10. I have no idea what’s happening here.

None of it is good, though.

Disappointed dad
byu/sparklemom2000 inWellthatsucks

9. How does it taste?

Because that’s all that matters.

8. Eh, it’s just a small adjustment.

Maybe he was trying to give the baby some privacy.

7. Taking the picture is important.

Now that there’s evidence, you can’t murder him.

I see your wife falling through the attic floor and raise you to 16-year old me getting caught in a very similar situation, to my dad finding me and taking the picture
byu/cjkowalski97 inWellthatsucks

6. I am laughing so hard.

I would never have known what this was supposed to be without the caption.

5. This could have been funny.

Or it could have been horrible. Depends on mom’s mood that day.

Owner used the wrong shampoo (it’s hair dye).
byu/AbanaClara inWellthatsucks

4. Who hasn’t done this a time or two?

The difference is, this guy didn’t get away with it.

Felt bad already that I wasn’t able to go on our annual fishing trip with my dad and then he sent me this…
byu/Brandnewgasm inWellthatsucks

3. Hey, not everyone is an artist.

What is the point of this exercise, anyway?

2. I have forgotten to put a cup there at all.

I’m not sure whether this is better or worse.

Mom thought the coffee maker was broke.
byu/dacowboysfan inWellthatsucks

1. Well this is awkward.

At least he’s going to get a new computer out of the deal.

My dad ran over my computer
byu/fatdouche69 inWellthatsucks

Man, shoutout to anyone having one of these days today.

I’m sure it will be my turn soon enough.