Are you worn out and using coffee to blindly stumble through your day? Do your nerves feel raw after being plucked all day by your toddler? Do you know way more than you ever wanted to about Fortnite (or in my case, Sonic the Hedgehog)?

If so, you’re exactly who needs to be reading this post, because these 10 parents know exactly how you feel – and personally, knowing I’m not alone actually makes me feel better.

Because just like joy is better when it’s shared, we all know that misery loves company.

10. It’s a survival skill.

Or at least a skill that’s bound to drive their mothers bonkers.

9. This cracks me up so hard.

Even as a mom who did the very same thing the first time around.

8. I have to think he might have liked this.

I would love it if someone thought I was a ninja.

7. Sounds fun, right?

At least we can drink this time around.

6. You don’t want to be seen.

Once you’re there, someone is going to want attention.

5. At least they play together.

Not without fighting, though.

4. Their parents are doing something right.

Embarrassing your teen is part of the job description.

3. The ability to improvise is necessary.

We should honestly be able to put it on a resume.

2. I have made that exact face.

They never learn, though.

1. Sure to be a hit with their dad.

Because he is a child as well.

Parenthood is one huge contradiction after another, I swear!

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