When I was single – and especially when I was single and young – I remember this feeling of endless possibility when it came to romance. You could meet someone anywhere! The airport, your new job, the dentist, your hottie doctor, you literally never knew.

The older I got the more I realized it took something extra to find something that actually worked, but hey. It was fun to dream while it lasted – and for these 10 people, unexpected romance found them and was the perfect happy ending!

10. When it’s right, the timing doesn’t matter.

You just have to be open to the possibilities!


9. The mall! Spencer’s gifts!

Y’all my GenX heart is just so happy right now.

8. And right then he knew.

Like a good peach.

7. That is an old school Dairy Queen.

I 100% approve.

6. I could not love this more.

Best of luck to them in the years to come.

5. A means to an end…

but it turned out to be the start of forever!

4. How convenient!

I’d say he knew what he wanted.


3. An instinctual pull.

Man, those were absolutely the best nights.

2. A bookstore romance!

This is my dream come true.

1. A meet-cute worthy of a Norah Ephron movie.

And that is like the highest compliment I could give anything.

Don’t you love reading stories like these? Of course you do! Everyone loves love!

If you’ve got a great story about how to you met your spouse, we want to hear it in the comments.