Hopefully, you have all sorts of different friends in your life – sweet ones, ones who remember what’s going on in your life, ones who will drink and talk trash with you, ones who will pick up your kids – but I think the friends who can make us laugh are some of the best.

These 10 parents on Twitter can stand in for your in-real-life funny friends any day of the week, and you don’t even have to remember their birthdays in return!

10. The betrayal is going to be real.

Like, how DARE you hold out?!

9. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

More interesting than Wheel of Fortune by itself, for sure.

8. Who among us has not wondered?

She’s already learned the trick of connecting with her audience.

7. Yes, honey. And guess what happened?


6. Go on, girl.

Although it always happens when you least expect it.

5. The world is complicated.

Best to learn that up front.

4. Well, I’m convinced.

Who’s next?

3. Life skills.

I see you, sis.

2. Kid logic is the best.

This makes total sense!

1. She says that like mom had never considered it.

Trust me, she has.

Online parent friends are just the best.

Tell us in the comments about yours!