Kids love drawing, and coloring, but even though their imaginations are amazing and on point, their actual motor skills haven’t quite caught up.

Which is how we get drawings like these 10, of dubious accuracy but with plenty of charm.

Their dad, Londoner Tom Curtis, took things one step further and used Photoshop to bring the images to life – and in the process, made them slightly freakish (but still mostly charming, if you ask me!).

10. Nope. Don’t like this.

I don’t think his mummy likes it, either.

9. Just try to flush this fish down the toilet.

He’s going to put up a fight.

8. The color choices really did me in.

As well as the pogo-stick leg.

7. He’s so fluffy!

But what are those spikes?

6. I’ve gotta say I kind of want one of these.

Whose to say what dinosaurs looked like, after all.

5. Monkeys are horrifying.

This drawing confirms my fears.

4. The fluffiest of ducks.

I wonder if it’s still mean.

3. This cow is not half bad.

Idk know what’s going on with the udder, but otherwise…

2. In the drawing his hair and face looks like a Beatle.

He or she got the eyes right, though.

1. Is it a car? A van?

Does it have eyeballs?

I would have thought this was super cool as a kid, wouldn’t you? I mean, having a dad like that would have been amazing, right?

Which one of these looks like it belongs in a children’s book to you? I know I have a few favorites!