Kids have amazing imaginations. Their minds are always working, and they definitely operate on a frequency that’s different from an adults.

They also don’t always have the best execution; their motor function isn’t the best and they genuinely don’t care if they freak the adults in the room right the heck out.

Dad Tom Curtis decided to horrify the general public by using Photoshop to bring his kids’ doodles to life, and he posts them on “Things I Have Drawn” on Instagram.

Some of these drawings by his kids – 11 and 8 – are charming and delightful, and others will make you wish your own imagination didn’t run quite so wild, but either way, you won’t regret checking this out.

11. Ahhh the elusive dog-bird.

That dog looks as terrified as any dog would to find themselves up a tree.

10. What is this nightmare.

Why did he have to make it’s head different than its body different than its wings?

9. This poor hapless dope.

I want to give him some seeds.

8. Idk what kind of pig this is.

I kind of want one, though.

7. Nope. Don’t like that.

Nightmare fuel. Is that how they see their Mum now?

6. That looks like it belongs in a children’s book.

The dolphins definitely don’t approve, though.

5. I love the birds.

And normally I hate birds.

4. Are we sure that was supposed to be a giraffe?

Maybe just a dude with a long neck?

3. That’s a pretty decent scorpion.

I’d give him a role in a horror movie.

2. Give this guy a role in a Goonies reboot.

You don’t even need a makeup team.

1. As if ducks weren’t scary enough.

This one’s mama took a liking to a heron, maybe.


These are pretty fun – I think I would have thought this was pretty cool when I was a kid.

Which one of these was the best, do you think? Let’s discuss in the comments!