It pays to get creative while parenting – it’s fun, and if it keeps your kids safer and you a little bit saner, it’s a triple win.

And these 10 dads are totally winning.

#10. Points for remembering the baby had bare feet, honestly.

#9. Stay back five feet.

#8. That’s pretty good.

#7. Eggs on the waffle iron might be genius, but no way would my toddler touch them.

#6. I just hope the chips aren’t out there getting stale now.

#5. Warm that baby bottle on the go.

#4. I’m not sure this baby gate is up to AAP standards.

#3. Put all of those lonely socks to good use.

#2. Ahhhh, so those things ARE good for something after all!

#1. At that point, whatever keeps you from showing your bum, right?

My fella really needs to up his game!