Kids are totally clueless a lot of the time, but I’m not giving them a hard time for that. It takes years and experiences and independence and a whole bunch of fails to actually have a clue about how to do life, so they can’t be expected to know it all before they graduate from middle school.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t chuckle at them being clueless, right? I hope not, because these 10 kids are totally going to make you laugh.

10. Someone has been failing their spelling tests.

Time to start studying.

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9. I had a similar experience with starfish.

Those things really smelled, too.

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8. How are water and windows connected?

I have a lot of questions, y’all.

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7. That’s one way to get a cake all to yourself.

Maybe that was his plan all along.

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6. You just sped up the process a little, that’s all.

What a sensitive little soul.

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5. This kid is banned for life.

His parents too, for good measure.

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4. I bet he thought he was being smart and resourceful, too.

Poor sap.

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3. I’m sure that seems legit.

If you’re 6 and don’t know what “camo” is.

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2. That educators have to send these emails.

I bet it kills a little bit of their soul.

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1. I bet this kid grew up to be a storyteller of some sort.

I actually love this confession.

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I’ve never laughed and shook my head at the same time so hard in my life!

What’s something your kid has done that could go in this forum? Share it with us in the comments!