I love board games. One of the things I looked forward to when learning I would be a parent was instituting a family game night once a week, so I could train my littles to be as nerdy as their parents.

Soon, I realized that toddlers are not really made for rules and sitting still and also they don’t understand concepts like winning and losing, and I became disheartened with the entire concept. Take heart, though! There are some games out there that are just made for families with toddlers.

So if game night is something you’d love to do in your house, may we suggest these 10 games for your next try.

10. Candy Land

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There are a few classic’s on this list, and you know you’re dying to introduce your kids to this game you loved growing up.

Since there’s no reading required and a colorful board to boot, there’s a good chance your toddler will climb right on board (heh).

9. Feed the Woozle

Your toddler’s motor and counting skills will benefit from feeding the monster with silly snacks, and with 3 levels, your kid won’t get bored for a while!

8. Bubbles Up! Crabs Down

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This ocean-inspired game teachers your kid to work like a team as their imagination runs wild.

7. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

There’s no reading required here, the rules are simple, and everyone loves helping an adorable squirrel – even toddlers.

6. First Orchard

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Decades old but still going strong!

This game only lasts about 10 minutes (as long as your toddler’s attention span) and they’ll learn colors and counting as they harvest their fruits and vegetables.

5. Hi-Ho! Cherry-O!

A numbers game with a twist, and the spinner is always a hit with the littles.

4. Busytown

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This game is very engaging, promotes attention to detail, teamwork, object identification, and matching skills.

Even better? Each round is a new experience, so you’re less likely to hear the dreaded “B” word (boredom!).

3. Hoot Owl Hoot

The simple strategy of following directions and taking turns to match colors and send the owls back to their nest is a sure winner.

2. Pete the Cat’s The Missing Cupcakes

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My toddler loves Pete the Cat, and if yours does too, there’s a good chance they’ll also love singing songs, acting out activities, identifying animals, foods, and words.

Oh… and finding the missing cupcakes, too. 😉

1. Let’s Feed the Very Hungry Caterpillar

A game of counting, collecting, and building will transform that hungry caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly – just like in their favorite book!

I’m definitely picking some of these up, because it’s worth a try. I want to start ’em young, after all.

Have you played any of these with your kids? Do you have games that have worked great for your under-4s? Please share them with us in the comments!