You never realize how true the phrase “every little bit helps” is until you have kids – and spending $4 a pop for a plate of food your child is probably going to turn their nose up at before tossing it on the floor, well. It’s not the best part of being a parent.

We do still enjoy not having to cook once in a while, and going out to eat also means we don’t have to clean. If you’re having a day (or week) when those two things sound really good, here are 15 restaurants where kids eat free.

15. Chili’s

If you’re a rewards member, you’ll get a free kid’s meal as long as you spend at least $5 every 60 days.

14. Hooters

Kid’s meals are always free, but make sure to check with your location to verify.

That is… if this is somewhere you don’t mind taking your kids.

13. Marie Calendar’s Restaurant and Bakery

On Saturdays, kids under 12 eat free with the purchase of an adult entree.

12. Qdoba

If you order an adult entree on Wednesday or Sunday, you’ll get a free kid’s meal.

11. Red Robin

You’ll want to check with your nearest location, but many offer “kids eat free” deals on different nights of the week, and often discounted meals at other times.

10. Applebee’s

The day of the week and hours could change based on where you live, so check ahead, but their menu is full of kid-approved classics that will hit the mark.

9. Denny’s

Kids eat free when adults order an entree, but it is limited to two free meals per adult.


The Swedish home store offers free baby food with every entree purchased, and certain locations offer free bigger kid’s meals on special days of the week.

7. Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant

This New England-based chain offers free kid’s meals on Saturdays and Sundays.

6. Ruby Tuesday

Every Tuesday after 5, kids eat free with the purchase of an adult entree.

5. Bob Evans

Head here on Tuesdays after 4 p.m., when your kid under 12 eats for free as long as you order an adult entree.

4. Dickey’s BBQ Pit

On Sundays, kids under 12 eat free with any party that spends at least $10.

3. Johnny Rockets

This old fashioned diner offers free kids meals on Tuesdays from 4-8pm with the purchase of an adult meal and a drink.

2. Moe’s

Kids eat free on Tuesdays at participating locations, and they include a drink and a cookie!

1. Uno’s

Tuesdays are free kid’s meals day here, too, so hopefully your kid is more adventurous than mine (even when it comes to pizza).

I’m definitely keeping this list in my back pocket! My kids are fairly good at eating out, but having an iPhone to hand them after they’ve finished eating (in 5 minutes) and you haven’t is a lifesaver.

What’s your go-to plan for eating out with kids? Tell us about it in the comments!