There’s something special about growing up with siblings. Even on the days they’re driving you crazy, even when you’re screaming that you wish you were an only child because they ate the last piece of your leftover pie, even when they are pissing you off just because, somewhere deep down you know there’s no one else in the world who could take their place.

Siblings are the only people who can possibly know us – our past, present, all of the things that make us who we are – as well as we know ourselves.

If you’ve got siblings, you know all about these feelings – and these 10 tweets are going to bring them all rushing back.

10. And they totally get it.

No explanation necessary.

9. They’re just so tired.

As a parent, I get it now.

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8. Food fixes everything.

We all know that’s true.

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7. They just wait until you get up, too.

It’s so annoying.

6. This is delightful.

My sister and I still make fun of my mom all the time.

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5. Food is a precious commodity.

If it’s good, they’re not sharing.

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4. Nothing wrong with Player 2.

Luigi was my man.

3. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Only the quick get to eat leftovers.

2. They’re in it for the long haul.

Plus they’ve got a lot of blackmail on you.

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1. I had a visceral reaction to this tweet.

I can feel the rush of adrenaline all over again.

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Gotta love your siblings, y’all! What else are you gonna do?

Share your favorite memory of growing up with siblings down in the comments!