If you’re having one of those days when nothing is going right – your kids are acting out, your husband is pretending to be sick, the dog is barfing, or all of the above at once – it can honestly feel as if you’re alone in the world.

That’s when parents like these come in handy – they tweet about the craziness in their lives so you feel less alone (and more like you can handle your own madness).

10. The new way to do birthdays.

No friends, just cake.

9. Always suspect the cats.

They’re little hellraisers.

8. You also remember your parents landline.

Possibly your grandparents, too.


7. Not mentally or physically.

We’re way too tired to feel anything but old.

6. Well maybe not right now.

Who are we kidding, of course she is!

5. This tracks.

And it even applies if there are two of the exact same things.

4. Right?

You know everything until that moment!

3. That lady has had a day.

Traveling with kids is no joke.

2. It’s funny because it’s true.

You know I’m right.

1. You’d better stop her right there.

Because you know she’s not going to stop.

Love it, y’all. The days are crazy but fun, right?

Tell us a crazy recent story in the comments from your lives with kids!