People in general are becoming a bit more entitled these days – or at least, it seems like that is true – but teenagers (and tweens and younger) have had a lock on that behavior since time began.

Kids are naturally selfish, and to some degree, adults forgive them this fault that they will (hopefully) grow out of soon enough.

That said, these 11 kids are really taking it to the next level, so maybe they deserve to be shamed.

11. Oh, were you sad?

Boohoo, here’s a tiny violin.

“mY cHoCoLaTe Is MoRe ImPoRtAnT tHaN yOuR gRoCeRiEs!!!!” (BTW this is the same entitled teen who wanted $500 for washing dishes)
byu/MissBarker93 inentitledkids

10. It’s hard being a sibling.

A good one, anyway.

nice try kiddo
byu/paolols inWatchPeopleDieInside

9. My jaw is on the floor.

What horrible parenting!

Pretty sure this belongs here.
by inentitledkids

8. That man is a hero.

It takes a village.

This asshole kid who ages 20 years in the last panel
byu/Rodriguezed23 in13or30

7. I’m sorry, what?

Maybe call the police

I have no words
byu/TanmayM21 inentitledkids

6. What a little psychopath.

Seriously, what is wrong with her??

EK lies to mum to try get my girlfriend in trouble
byu/epicpig_slav inentitledkids

5. A sick hobby, for sure.

If you’re a sociopath.

Teen thinks that his actions don’t effect people on the other side of his screen.
byu/Just_here_for_memes1 inentitledkids

4. No more television for you.

Maybe ever, Sir.

[deleted by user]
by inentitledkids

3. It’s definitely not your parents.


Found this gem on r/AmITheAsshole.
byu/MissBarker93 inentitledkids

2. You don’t even need to ask.

Yes. Yes you are.

Not sure if this had been posted here yet, but wow the cajones on this entitled kid.
byu/mashath inentitledkids

1. Five televisions, y’all.

How was he not done after one??

Sounds like someone needs to either stop playing, or get anger management…
byu/Paradigmfusion inentitledkids

I’m normally not a fan of shaming kids, but dang. DANG.

How would you handle this if it was your kid? Let’s hash it out in the comments!