For far too long, celebrities who had children have pretended for the cameras that getting back into shape was quick and easy. That gestating, birthing, and feeding a baby somehow didn’t change their bodies in the same, permanent ways as the rest of us.

Now, though, with social media, and more and more women willing to celebrate the changes the years and experiences mark on our bodies, celeb moms are seizing the opportunity to just let their postpartum body heal while they appreciate it for what its given them.

11. That dark line down the belly does go away.

You and Cardi B might find you miss it one day.

10. When the VMAs take a backseat to just getting through the days.

Katy Perry looking very real and I love it!

Image Credit: Katy Perry

9. Amy Schumer says mom comfort is key.

And honestly those underwear aren’t that bad.

8. Just in case you thought you could put those maternity clothes away.

Tia Mowry keeping it real about the post-baby bump.

7. Your body can do wonderful things!

You get a reminder of that every day.

6. Stretch marks are a thing so many women deal with.

Even Ashley Graham. No shame.

5. Our bodies are ours.

That makes them great.

4. Nothing wrong with that!

Chrissy Teigen is a queen.

3. Even professional dancers out there preaching the truth.

It took time to grow that baby, it will take time to shrink your belly.

2. How cute is Catherine Giudici (of Bachelor fame)?

Before, after, in between!

1. It’s all about how you feel.

Stay off the scale.

If you can get your mind to this place, ladies, I promise those harried, crazy, too-fast first months will be just a little less stressful.

Share with me your favorite postpartum moment – I know it’s there among all of the rest!