Sure, you’ve spent years perfecting the balance of Santa, Mrs. Claus, the reindeers, and that blasted Elf on the Shelf that litter your shelves, walls, mantles, and the like, but listen – sometimes, when something adorable and delightful comes along, you have to be willing to mix things up.

And as family holiday films go, who doesn’t love¬†How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

It’s sweet, wholesome, funny, has a great message (plus Jim Carrey!), and the best part?

Image Credit: Etsy

No one expects these cute little baby Grinches to move and get into some kind of trouble every night.

The dolls are 18 inches long, weighted, and hand-painted – the latter part is the reason one will set you back around $300.

Image Credit: Etsy

They’re from the Etsy shop Worbla Crafts, where you can also nab yourself a Pennywise doll for your autumnal decor, or a Baby Yoda doll that’s obviously perfect year round.

Image Credit: Etsy

The baby Grinch, modeled on the baby we meet in Carrey’s version of the story, has green fuzzy fur/hair all over its head, arms, and legs. It comes with a Christmas outfit and a baby blanket, so it’s ready for its spot in your household – one I’m positive it will occupy for years to come.

Image Credit: Etsy

You can request a doll to be made and shipped to you in around 3 weeks, and you’ll get to choose its outfit in that case, as well.

One sort of looks like something Santa would wear, and one is a candy-can striped pajamas and a matching hat – you know, the sort of thing your kiddos refuse to wear for you any more!

I don’t know about you, but this one seems like it might be worth the splurge!