For most kiddos and parents, distance learning or homeschooling is not their first option. There are kids who are going to thrive, parents who have the privilege to manage it, but for the most part, everyone is just making things work the best that they can.

When we realized that distance learning would likely be at least part of the story this autumn, parents and teachers and lawmakers all had concerned about what that could mean for the smallest of students. Would they get enough social interaction? Would they be able to figure out school and a classroom dynamic over a screen? Would they have the physical and mental capability of sitting in front of a computer for hours?

We’re figuring things out as we go, but as this image shows, it’s not been an easy adjustment for too many kids.

The picture was shared by Jana Coombs, a mother of four from Coweta County, Georgia. She snapped the image as her son became overwhelmed trying to keep, started to cry, and wiped his own tears with his t-shirt.

A moment later she encouraged him to take a break, come get a hug, and suck in a few deep breaths.

She spoke with a local news station, as well as CNN, about why she wanted to share the moment.

Image Credit: iStock

“I just took that picture because I wanted people to see reality. Education is essential for these children, and it’s more than one plus one equals two. Socialization and hands-on experience is how elementary kids learn best.”

She also admitted that it’s not just her son and other young kids who are struggling, either.

“Juggling a household, having an infant in the house, getting 5,000 emails a day from all their teachers, trying to keep up…different apps, different codes, different platforms, some links don’t work…”

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It’s a lot, is what she’s saying.

And even though we all know that keeping ourselves and our families, friends, and neighbors healthy has to be the priority right now, it’s okay to step back and admit that this is hard.

It’s hard for all of us, but hopefully, it won’t be forever.