If your child is under the age of 14, there’s no way distance learning is your first choice. New systems, depending on internet to stay working, needing to constantly monitor what’s being said, what’s due, what’s supposed to be done…it’s a nightmare.

That goes double (or even triple) for anyone whose kids are in elementary school, because expecting them to sit still for a few hours in front of a computer – nevermind actually learn anything – is ludicrous.

A fact these 13 parents definitely learned the hard way.

13. I doubt she’s alone.

Come on, others, fess up.

12. These teachers. Bless them.

I need to know if it happened, though. What’s the end of the story?!

11. That’s a new one.

Happy all over again I have boys.

10. That was a good start.

Let’s pack it in, yeah?


9. Whatever has the highest alcohol content.

It might actually make sense that way.

8. No more education needed.

Next he’ll learn to be sad and hungry when actual lunch time rolls around.


7. Trick question.

It’s hours, not days.

6. It’s like a Monty Python skit.

Which is both the best and worst thing about it.

5. So much optimism that first day.

But you can still embarrass your teen! Don’t forget that!


4. None of us are quite right at the moment.

It’s fine. She’s just a decade behind.

3. They told us to pay attention.

We didn’t listen, and now look.

2. This could end up working in their favor.

Not ours, though, because they will never get jobs.

14. Hard to argue with their logic.

I kind of want to just follow their lead in everything.

We knew it would be silly and hard, but did we know it would be this silly and hard?

If you’ve got a funny story from the land of distance learning, share it with us in the comments!